Gaian delirium before the helical delirium

After visiting where the author sees everything through toroidal lenses, I thought that may be both of us are going through some kind of obsession … Me, attained by helical madness and she by toroidal one.

The helical delirium began around September when I saw the famous video by DjSadhu. It’s based on Nassim Haramein’s idea, very much criticized on internet and not accepted by the scientific academy. Personally, I don’t prefer any view … It was just some kind of fuel for my dreams.

Note that I’m not dreaming on purpose like those famous intellects (Thomas Edison, Tesla, …).  I’m captivated by them and then I write articles here to forget them, to avoid day-dreaming during working hours.

Before the helical delirium, I was dreaming another dream, another delirium, which stemmed from Gaia hypothesis combined with some media like :

It was as if the earth was breathing or having a heart beating. Combined with it was the fact that our bodies have also the same combination of water and flesh like the earth i.e, 70% water and 30% land. This gave birth to the idea that we are isomorphic to our earthy-environment. If you think about it, it appears natural that, that which was born on earth must be in some way linked to the composition of the earth …

Following that was the idea that the Sun and moon may have also played a role in our constitution. Our sleeping hours may be due to the fact that we are plunged into obscurity during night hours ? (no night, no sleep) ? I was asking myself : what would happen if we had 2 suns, and if we were always in day light ? And other silly questions of that kind …

This delirium ended the day when I learned about the impact between the earth and Theia which gave birth to the moon 4.5 billion years ago (?). I read about it in June or July and it put an end to all those thoughts. The main point : “we are isomorphic to our earth“, remained. The second article of this blog which shows earth’s ocean currents dates back to that time.

To summarize, these were the parallels between the earth and our bodies seen through Gaian lenses :

1). Our heart beat or respiration <=>

2). Our sleep <=> night on earth.

3). Our blood circulation <=> earth’s ocean currents

4). Our body composition (70% water, 30% flesh & bones) <=> earth’s composition (70% water and 30% land)

5). And recently, there seems to be a pattern of toroidal fields for both our bodies and the earth. I learned about it by reading  … Fields with a common pattern : that of “toroidal” shape. More links :


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