Meaning of life

Type “Meaning of life” on google, you’ll come across this:

You’ll embrace some theories which sound good for you and some others may make you uncomfortable. Still, on google search, I see “The meaning of life is that which we choose to give it“. Each one has his/her own view, some don’t even have one, some strong-minded people defend their own view and even go in long discussions.

When I turned 22, I used to have my own theory which I was very fond of. I sought an answer for that question around 17 and it took five long years to come to a satisifactory answer. Between 17 and 22, life looked meaningless and suddenly at 22, I came up with something very positive.

In few lines, this is what I came up with. As the most-time consuming activity in which every living creature gets engaged is the process of reproduction, this is the most significative thing of our life. For example, if we observe our species, we see that from teenage we seek the opposite sex, than marry and take care of our children until they are at least 18 years old: from teenage to mid-life, the most active part of your life is used for the reproductive process.

What is reproduction for ? Through it, we evolve. If we advanced from prehistoric man to modern man, it’s thanks to reproduction.


What is evolution for ? Evolution makes us more intelligent so that we can better understand the surrounding universe. With evolution came the invention of language, with language came science and so on.


What is the goal of understanding ? Where does understanding (or the ability to understand which is intelligence) leads us ? In 20th century, Einstein corrected newtonian physics and gave a better understanding of how gravity works: this is in the science field.

In the same way, in all fields there is always growth. You may say that the actual world is worse than before regarding pollution, spirituality, wars or whatever but I think we humans progress by making mistakes and we are actually going through a temporary regression in some fields. We need to do mistakes, we are not robots.

The ultimate in understanding is attaining God. Understanding fully how the universe functions, how spiritual enlightenment could systematically be reached through better knowledge, how one can live without death and illness … This of course is the extreme and let us say that the ultimate betterment of man is attaining God.


So, ultimately, the meaning of life is to attain God. To attain God, we must understand Him better. To better understand God, we must evolve and to evolve, me must reproduce. To be able to reproduce, we must survive by eating food.

This is unfortunately valid for humans only and not to animals. Animals only eat food and reproduce: at least that’s what our actual level of understanding is about animals. Animals also evolve through reproduction, but their intellect doesn’t seem to evolve as faster as in humans. For animals, as the coefficient of evolution is almost 0:

Life(t) = reproduction.(t) + food

but for humans,


The above equation is inspired by equation of motion we learn in school:motion.PNG

Where Xo is the initial position. Vo = initial speed and g = 9.81 m/s², the acceleration. Parallels here:

v = dx/dt < — > evolution = d(reproduction)/dt,

g = dv/dt < — > intelligence = d(evolution)/dt

If we suppose that our intelligence may never attain God and human intelligence will always be constant, then we’ll come to a formula which looks very similar to the equation we learnt in school:


Sincerly, I can’t imagine we humans becoming more and more intelligent. We are just more intelligent than animals because we have language and education. What has changed since 1000 years ? Intelligence is almost the same, only more people have access to education and we can say that “humanity on the whole” has evolved a bit thanks to that. Then internet came and we learn even better through wikipedia and videos.

What has changed since 10 000 years ? since 100 000 years ? Invention of language has certainly been a factor of improvement, and finally a quantum leap may come through A.I. and it may lead to a betterment of humanity (there may as well be a take over  and regression but it’s not the subject of this post).

Without language and A.I. there has always been the possibility of improvement through spirituality. When it comes to the meaning of life, it’s not just reproduction and evolution. Spiritual enlightenment may also give an ultimate meaning for a human life and let’s hope that future can also help our spiritual needs. For example, imagine that sometime in future a great meditation machine enables lot of people to progress.


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How to get day of week from a date ?

Below is the kind of diagram I used 20 years ago : here, I have taken year 2012 calendar for getting the 1st day of each month. For this leap year,

– the 1st( January), 4th (April) and Seventh (July) month start with Sunday.

– The 3rd, 6th and 9th month are on the left and,

– the 2nd, 5th and 8th month on the right.

Funny thing here is that Marko Rodin said that (1,4, 7) are in another plan compared to (2,5, 8) and … (3, 6, 9) is still another plan. For example (1, 4, 7) = (O, x, y); (2, 5, 8) = (O, y, z) and (3, 6, 9) = (O, z, x)






After getting that diagram by heart, you must master the sequence : 1,8, 15, 22, 29 … as you can see the month of January above, it has all its sundays on 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29. How to get these numbers by heart ? Easy. You just have to add seven each time i.e :

1 + 7 = 8;

8 + 7 = 15;

15 + 7 = 22;

22 + 7 = 29


After mastering both of them, you’ll be able to calculate by mind any day of the year 2012.

1st  example, let us take 19th july 2012.

–  knowing that July = 7. You are on the axis of the 1st figure above … 1, 4, 7 are Sundays.

– You know the sequence numbers 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29. Here 19 is close to 22.

– As 22 is also Sunday because for the months 1, 4, and 7, the first day is Sunday, so the 8th, 15th and 22th day are also sundays … To get the weekday of 19, you do “Sunday – 3” … – 1 = Saturday; – 2 = Friday and – 3 = thursday.

So the answer is : Thursday. Just knowing by  heart the 1st figure and the sequence 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 … you are able to figure out the day of week.

2nd example : 29th december 2012

– Knowing that the left part of the figure is (3, 6, 9) where 12 is under 9 … and knowing that the 1st day of the year is Sunday, you deduce that the 12th month starts with “Sunday – 1” = Saturday.

– Knowing that 1st december 2012 is Saturday, it’s very easy to deduce the 29th day of that month because 1 = 8 = 15 = 22 = 29 … all these days are saturdays, so 29th December 2012 is also a Saturday !

 3rd Example : this technic is valid for all leap years. Let’s calculate the same days in the 2016 calendar

The calendar starts with Friday

(another trick to remember : if 1st January of 2012 is Sunday, then 1/1/2016 is Friday … Sunday – 2 and 1/1/2008 = Sunday + 2 = Tuesday).

19th July 2016 => The 1st day is also Friday, so 19th is 22nd – 3 = Friday – 3 = Tuesday.

For 29th December 2016 => 1st day is Friday – 1 = tuesday, so 29th Dec 2016 is also Tuesday.

Note that you can go from 1 leap year to another easily. As per 2016 which starts with Friday because 2012 starts with Sunday … You can deduce the 1st day of 2008, 2004, 2000 … But also 2020, 2024 and so on.

4th example : what about non-leap years ? For example 2015 or 2013 …

If you have 2 calendars like 2015 and 2016 or even 2013 … Just see and deduce how the day of the week can be calculated. First of all, you need to master completly the calculus for a leap year such as 2016. Get the 1st figure above on which you find (1, 4, 7) axis and (2, 5, 8) on the right as well as (3, 6, 9) on the left .. BY HEART. Then, the sequence 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29. With both of them ask yourself “what is the weekday of DD/ MM/ YYYY ? and verify the answer on

After mastering leap year technic, i.e, when you are able to calculate the weekday as fast as rainman 😉 … then, face the non-leap years. The intuitive technic here is to add one day if the year falls one year after the leap year (like 2013) or substract 1 day if the year falls one year back (2011). Why does it work ? Because we add the 29th day for February of the leap year, so all days coming after 28 February are easy to get.

For example, let’s take 19th July 2013. From the 1st example, you know that 19th July 2012 is Thursday. So, 19th July 2013 is Thursday + 1 … It looks easy. 19 july 2014 is Thursday+ 2. 19 july 2015 is Thursday+3 … But, this way of deducing the weekday doesn’t work if the date falls before 28 February.

Go to   and type a date like 1st January 2013. You may think that it falls a Monday ’cause 1st January 2012 is Sunday … But it falls a Tuesday ! Why ? Because we have that 29th February added to the leap year 2012 so, for all days coming before 1st March, you must add +2 (+1 because you are going to the next year and you “leap” another one because that leap day, 29th February is added in 2012) … And for all days beginning with 1st March, adding 1 is enough. Verify on

So, after mastering the leap year technique with the triplets (1, 4, 7); (2, 5, 8) and (3, 6, 9), you’ll take time to master non-leap years. What’s the next step ? Well, calculating any day of any year from year 0 to year 2016 ! The technic here is having another sequence (multiples of 12) and multiples of 400.

.Well, you can deduce 1/1/2000, … 1/1/2024,   1/1/2036  etc knowing that  1/1/2012 = Sunday ..

1/1/2000 = Saturday ( -1 )

1/1/2012 = Sunday

1/1/2024 = Monday  ( + 1)

1/1/2036 = Tuesday ( + 2)

Every 12 years, you add one day to get the 1st January of that year. Play with all this a bit, if you want to showcase your rainman ability and impress your friends. It may look difficult at first sight but with practice you can go faster and faster. But beware, you may be labeled as rainman 🙂


Marko Rodin’s vortex maths and freemasonry

I have seen Marko Rodin’s videos on Youtube in December, all the while doing my own work to approach his concepts personally. My final thought on his work : I don’t know, it looks correct and it also looks like a numerical “pareidolia”. I really don’t know what to think …

Marko’s symbol of enlightenment looks like this :



He also says that this is the “fingerprint of God”, so I wanted to see on my own if I could find any holy number such as 1, 3, 7, 19 … I have taken the number 1578421 which forms a closed circuit on the picture above. Marko says that the natural flow of vortex energy follows this numerical pattern …

I came to this formula :



The very stunning point here is that it contains all holy numbers : 3, 7, 19 … 3 is trinity in the Bible. 7 is holy in Bible and Quran. 19 is the number of God in Holy Quran … And I found all these in the formula above. I’ll tell you how I came to it …

In order to get 0.1578421 as a fraction, I took a calculator and summed 0.157842 on itself until I’ll get an entire number or something which has 3 zeros or 3 9’s in it. After adding it on itself, I came to 2.9989999 … Then I did 2.9989999/0.157842 … I got 19. So, I had the fraction 3/19 which almost gives 0.157842 … 3/19 = 0.15789473684

After that, to get 0.1578421 out of 0.1578947 … I had to take away 0.0000526 and very surprisingly when I was searching for 0.526 to be expressed as a fraction with the same process aforementioned, I found that 0.0526 = 1/19 … Still a 19, great coincidence.

So, I had :  3/19 – 1/19000 = 0.15784210526 … Here, I still got 0.0526 at the end … To have 0.1578421 1578421 , I had to do : 3/19 – 1/19000 + 1/19000000 – 1/19000000000 + … (type this formula on google search or if you want to see by yourself).

To get the closed circuit 1578421, I have to multiply the above formula by 10 000 000. And to get 1578421 5784215 … I must multiply it by 10 to the power of 14 (1E+14). etc etc, hence the formula above with 1E+(7n). When n=1, you’ll get 1578421, when n=2, you’ll get 1578421 5784215, n=3 : 1578421 5784215 7842157 and so on.

Without much effort, and by great luck, I came to a formula with 3, 7, 19 … A formula containing all these holy numbers can be a good candidate for “fingerprint of God” 😉

Besides, I remarked that the circuit “1578421” looks like the square in freemason symbol, and 3, 6, 9 which is on a vertical plan (according to Marko Rodin) compared to “1578421”, looks like a compass. There is also a quote by Tesla : “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” … For Marko Rodin too, the numbers 3, 6 and 9 are in an another dimension compared to 1, 5, 7, 8, 4, 2 …

I read about Freemasonry on internet, because I used to have a lebanese friend belonging to this … He has a narcissistic personality desorder (always manipulates people in order to fuel an empty ego). And when the president of his company was also involved in a scandal, I purchased “freemasonry for dummies” to see if there is something wrong with it : after reading it, I rather thought that these are good people, engaged in social benefit.  Nothing wrong with them, but bad people exist in every “club” …

Otherwise, I still haven’t found any nice formula for the opposite circuit “1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5”. It looks like 125000 – 125. So, I came to :


and this formula doesn’t contain any holy number like 3, 7, 19 unlike the formula above.

Anyway, it’s easy to manipulate numbers in order to have whatever you want …

i). 125 looks like 1000*1/8 …

ii). 3*7*19 = 399 which is 400 -1

iii). 1/8 = 100/800 = 100/(400 * 2) = 50/400 = (7*7 + 1)/(3*7*19 + 1)  !!! And we can inject this in 125 = 1000*1/8

iv). 125000 – 125 = (7*7 + 1)*1000000/(3*7*19 + 1) –  (7*7 + 1)*1000/(3*7*19 + 1)

v). 124875 124875 = (the above)*1e+6 …

Numerical “pareidolia” 😉





I finished reading this book.

And when I came on google with the right keywords, it took me to this article which seems to be the substance of the book … The book is more appealing to read due to pictures.

Nice vocabulary I learned on this page  : “presentism”, “possibilism” and “Eternalism”. I understood that I have lot of things to learn about all these strange theories on time and I’m very much enthusiastic.

There is also a book on Consciousness : I’ll read it one day I hope ! So much to learn and so few time …